Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride!
Sept. 21, 2021

The Journey Unscripted Trailer

The Journey Unscripted Trailer

Short-form podcast with topics and situations that are humorous, crazy, and typically, unscripted. Cool, fun stories and celebrity interviews that will get your smile on.

It's a cool new show. 
Yeah, it's like a new podcast, right?
It's rather entertaining it is.
It's pretty funny, you know
Oh...My...God...It totally made me cry. (cries)

Dude, Like the stories, are totally ripped. Yeaaaa.
I think the hosts, Amber and Ryan have great chemistry

My brother Uri from mother Russia listen all the time.  No. No. I mess with you. He not listen ever.
Like I said before, it's a cool new show called
The journey, the journey, the journey, the journey, unscripted.
Premiering this October on all major podcast platforms.